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The Contingent Professor | Tenure? They still do that? | News, Commentary, and Interviews for PhDs Trying the Professor Life

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Jul 29, 2016

Episode 007: Why You Should Be An Adjunct (?!?!) Daniel and Rob talk about a great tweet they found, leading them to talk about the Adjunct position from the perspective of working professionals that teach a class on the side. It sparks talk about other items currently on the minds of Daniel and Rob during the dog days...

Jul 15, 2016

Episode 006: Rate My Effective Efficient Professors. Daniel and Rob discuss the first few chapters of an old gem of a book, The Effective, Efficient Professor by Prof. Phillip Wankat. From mission statements to setting goals, Rob and Daniel banter back and forth about how to be a somewhat competent prof. But first,...

Jul 8, 2016

Episode 005: Professoriate 2050. Daniel and Rob wrap up the "what does contingent mean to me?" question, looking at the latest AAUP report about the Professoriate in 2050, discussing an old UNC - Chapel Hill initiative on assimilating adjuncts into the faculty, and providing proper orientation for contingent faculty...

Jul 1, 2016

Episode 004: Interview with "Joe Colleague." Daniel and Rob talk to their colleague Joe and learn about his wacky journey from PhD to contingency, with advice for those trying to hack it, too. (Standard disclaimer applies: All views expressed are our own.)