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The Contingent Professor | Tenure? They still do that? | News, Commentary, and Interviews for PhDs Trying the Professor Life

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Oct 31, 2016

Daniel and Rob discuss a (really long) presentation that Rob developed about the need for decency as an Academic Chair in order to create good departmental culture. Daniel whines only a little bit about his job, mostly so Rob can feel good about mentoring his young apprentice. (All jokes in good fun, not meant to offend)

Oct 12, 2016

Changing Academics, Changing Academia. Daniel and Rob piece together a picture of changing attitudes and demographics in Academia. A useful synthesis of where it is and where it is likely going for phds, postdocs, and mid career folks alike.   (Views are ours, jokes meant to be in good fun.)

Oct 3, 2016

Another Contingent Story. Daniel and Rob finally lock down another interview! This time with Lisa, a humanities PhD/Adjunct, discussing her path to contingency. Topics range from why get a PhD in the first place, to the limits of choosing place over career, to how to cope with the realities of contingency...