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The Contingent Professor | Tenure? They still do that? | News, Commentary, and Interviews for PhDs Trying the Professor Life

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Dec 21, 2017

Daniel and Rob start a new season talking about the end of another semester and trials and tribulations of trying to get a new class enrolled. The big theme for this episode is the role of math testing in determining class placement and why it matters to departments outside of mathematics. They end with a small...

Nov 20, 2017

Daniel and Rob come together for an in-between season podcast to catch up. Keeping the riff to about an hour this time, Daniel and Rob talk about what it takes to write a book, what you can try to negotiate if you are lucky enough to secure a tenure-track contract, and briefly about the BLS and what we can tell...

Jul 27, 2017

Rob takes over the show and talks about Russia every chance he gets. Daniel tries to refocus on more academic topics, like promotion, more student engagement, and potential teaching activities. With only moderate success. Standard Disclaimer Applies.

Jul 1, 2017

Daniel and Rob sit down to talk about controversial and taboo topics faced in the workplace and in the classroom by adjuncts, non TTs, and TTs. They spend a good chunk of time talking about an adjunct account and the learning style myth, ending with a top 10 of topics to consider. (Standard disclaimers apply.)

Jun 6, 2017

Daniel and Rob, stemming from a not so great student evaluation, discuss the state of etiquette in the classroom and (perhaps) the need for more detailed and explicit guidelines for how students should expect to behave in the class and out. Everything is laid out, from salutations, to email form, to the employer's...