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The Contingent Professor | Tenure? They still do that? | News, Commentary, and Interviews for PhDs Trying the Professor Life

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Apr 12, 2019

Copywrite Error. Bonus Episode. Daniel starts ranting and Rob grabs the microphones for a shortened episode about figure captions and attribution in books. Daniel notices a "write error" on the recorder and tries to save the episode. (Standard disclaimers: especially the part about our views and our employer’s views....

Oct 31, 2018

Pop-up podcast. Rob makes Daniel make a podcast. In this episode they talk about pop-up courses and a controversial one that caused a slight national stir. What place do these have in different fields and do contingents dare run them? (Standard disclaimers: especially the part about our views and our employer’s views....

Jul 27, 2017

Rob takes over the show and talks about Russia every chance he gets. Daniel tries to refocus on more academic topics, like promotion, more student engagement, and potential teaching activities. With only moderate success. Standard Disclaimer Applies.

Oct 3, 2016

Another Contingent Story. Daniel and Rob finally lock down another interview! This time with Lisa, a humanities PhD/Adjunct, discussing her path to contingency. Topics range from why get a PhD in the first place, to the limits of choosing place over career, to how to cope with the realities of contingency...